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Staying on Top of the Market

Why Hire An Agent

When Arlene Schaeffer was left after her mother’s death with a 109-acre estate, she had little idea what to do. She knew she wanted to dispose of the property, but how? Nearly two years of helping Mrs. Schaeffer stands out of the projects that Frank Durnett is most proud of during his 34 year career in real estate. “It was home run.”

Mrs. Schaeffer received good value for her land; a developer had an opportunity to build 400 families new homes. Magnolia Ridge, in Northern Henrico Country, is the result of Frank’s work. Frank’s experience in working with developers had given him valuable insight. “Some people see what’s there and I see what could be.” Envisioning the potential for property through his knowledge of building allows Frank to assist home buyers in thinking outside the box. If you see a house that you like a lot, but it lacks a certain desired feature, Frank has the skill to suggest ways to adapt the house to your requirements.

Rewarding to Frank is that his reputation for good service along with sales success results in repeat business. I believe in making a strong commitment to my clients. That creates loyalty. Especially please is when children of long-time clients seek him out when they need help buying a house. Being sought after by former clients is a high honor and on that I appreciate, but recognition by peers is especially highly valued in any profession.
Frank has the unique distinction of being the only Richmond areas agent who has been awarded the C. Porter Vaughan Outstanding Service Award in 2000; “Salesman of the Year” for the Richmond Association of REALTORS in 1989. In addition to these honors, Frank also served as president of the Richmond Association of REALTORS in 1997.

These honors and thousands of sales over many years have been gratifying; however, I still love the feeling my business brings when you’ve helped somebody. Whether that’s a young 25 year old couple who are inexperienced and tentative, or whether it’s selling a $800,000 house. “Our business is to improve their quality of life through home ownership. I use my skills and expertise to accomplish what is in everyone’s best interest”